Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dinner at The Wild Rose

Went to The Wild Rose @ The District in South Jordan tonight.  This restaurant seems to be a fairly new establishment with a variety of dishes to choose from.  Upon arrival I inquired as to if they had a gluten free menu.  They did not have one for me to look at but the hostess was very nice and asked the chef about the ingredients for the dishes that I wanted to know about.  After a few trips back and forth I settled on the Pork Belly appetizer with a port sauce rather than the barbecue sauce that comes standard (the bbq has gluten.)  I then went to the hearts of romaine salad dressing on the side.  The house dressing had a bit of tang to it (more then I tend to enjoy but good none the less.)  For my main course I had Australian Lamb.  It was wonderful!  The meat melted in your mouth, the vegetables were not limp, soggy, or over cooked.  There were no potatoes and gravy but a lovely butternut squash puree with yukon gold potatoes.  At this restaurant I was actually able to eat a dessert as well.  I enjoyed a serving of chocolate mousse that was divine!  It was light, airy, and fresh.  While The Wild Rose did not have an official gluten free menu in place the accommodations that the staff made were seamless and felt natural.  The restaurant itself has a quiet, private atmosphere with a relaxed feel.  The pricing is a little higher than the average date but it is definitely worth the money!!!!


  1. Nice! It's getting easier and easier, eh?

  2. So are you food critic now....The Lamb sounds good